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Breakwater Ventures is a pre-seed and seed fund that invests in exceptional founding teams across the US and Canada with a preference for founding teams in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. We're more than capital. We’re committed to the journey.

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Our drive stems from the transformative power of emerging companies and the tenacious founders behind them

"Peter and William have been instrumental in Wokelo AI's journey from its inception. Their insights on product development, go-to-market strategy, and warm introductions to key clients have supported us a critical junctures. As founders, we truly feel they have our back, guiding us through the complex landscape of a Gen AI startup."

Siddhant Masson
Co-Founder and CEO of

"Will and Peter invested in my company and they were such great partners to us. I invested in all their future funds. Breakwater is very founder-oriented and made great introductions for us and they were pivotal in getting us to the A. I highly recommend working with Will and Peter.

Peter Horadan
Founder and CEO of Lockstep (Acq. By Sage)

"Peter and Will are a founder's dream team. They truly care about their companies, and are only a phone call away, whether you need advice or an introduction."

Laura Malcolm
Founder, Give InKind (Acq. by

"I met the Breakwater team right before we went out to raise our seed. Our first discussion was about how he could help us take advantage of a multi-billion dollar opportunity. They was helpful and quick form the start. That's how we met, and that's how it's been ever since. It's clear why they are highly regarded."

Will Cross
Founder and CEO of Borderless

“Peter and Will stand out as an investors through their remarkable willingness to provide assistance. Their profound insights are generously shared, and they are consistently ready to offer guidance and support when I need it most. Their approachability and helpfulness have been invaluable to me.”

Subu Biswass
Co-Founder at

"Peter and Will have been an invaluable partner for our company since day one, offering both hands-on help and big-picture advice whenever we need it. Peter has made himself available whenever we need him, assisting with everything from brainstorming fundraising tactics to resolving personnel issues. Peter even helped design our logo! We really appreciate the collaborative spirit of the fund and how they work alongside entrepreneurs. I have personally enjoyed partnering with them over the past couple years"

Co-Founder at Kredos AI

Taking the risk with deep-minded founders

Addressing the Pre-Seed Gap

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Our investment scope encompasses pre-seed and seed companies in US and Canada with a propensity for founders in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

We offer a multitude of support to our founders, leveraging our extensive network of LPs, founders, operators, and domain experts.



We support our founder in many different ways through our broad local, national, and international network


We offer various forms of support to our founder, leveraging our extensive local, national, and international network


Building a successful startup is about more than just ideas; it's about who you know. Our network is your catalyst for success


Our vast web of connections spans across the globe, providing unparalleled resources and opportunities for our portfolio founders


Beyond capital, we offer our founders access to a robust network that opens doors to capital, customers, talent, and valuable connections worldwide


We've cultivated an extensive and influential network that acts as a powerful catalyst for the success of our portfolio startup
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Venture Partner

William Finney

Co-Founder and General Partner

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Co-Founder and General Partner

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